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About Orange County

Just 25 miles south of the second largest city in the United States, Greater Los Angeles, lies Orange County. This county houses companies from the IT and automobile production industries. With a comparitively high cost of living, Orange County boasts a safe environment with plenty of roads and grade-A education. With world class beaches, and the Disney Resort at the center of the county, it beckons tourists from all over the world to experience the life and leisure of Orange County.

As for air travel, Orange County has the John Wayne Airport. Because of the proximity to the global-scale Los Angeles International Airport, John Wayne Airport does not offer flights to or from Japan. While there are Amtrak stations, commuters prefer the bus and rail service, hailed as the highest rated in America. Despite the popularity of public transportation, a private car is still a necessity for everyday life in Orange County.

Throughout the year, the weather is pleasantly warm. The summers aren't too hot, and the winters are warm enough that it does not snow. It is a very comfortable area in the United States, with two-thirds of the year seeing sunny weather.

In addition to Disney Land Resort, there is the famous Knott's Berry Farm, Angels Stadium, Huntington Beach where all the surfers go, and Laguna Beach for the art scene. Because of the large Japanese population, Orange County and Los Angeles has some of the best large-scale Japanese tutoring schools. There are many Japanese restaurants, supermarkets and household goods stores dotting the area.

There are approximately 180 Japanese companies in Orange County. Breaking it down by industry, it is clear that the manufacturing industry is by far the highest represented, followed by service, publishing, and trade industries. As far as recruiting trends is concerned, management, engineer (of the IT, electrical and mechanical, and architectural varieties) and office support are among the most sought-after.

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