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About San Diego

San Diego, second largest city in California, and eigth largest in the United States. The suburbs are home to 3 million people, 30,000 of whom are Japanese. As San Diego is located on the border of Mexico, many companies have factories and production facilities located inside Mexican borders.

San Diego was voted number one in the US for its "perfect climate". The magnificent cliffs and valleys overlooking the Pacific ocean is a beautiful sight to behold.

Since San Diego was such an important base of operations for the military during World War 2, the heart of San Diego's economy is centered around military and defense industries. In addition to these industries, the tourism, international trade and production industries are also very popular. It is also the target of many biotechnology and medical industries in recent years.

The San Diego International Airport, located about 30 minutes from downtown, offers direct flights to Japan. There is also a commuter train, trolly bus and Amtrak system in place for public transportation. In spite of this, there are plans for the construction of more freeways, since most prefer to commute by car. It is said that San Diego's traffic is comparitively smooth compared to other parts of the country.

It is said to be one of the better climates in the United States, with 200 days out of the year staying cool and comfortable. Though areas on the coast and areas inland have comparatively different temperatures, the summers here are not too hot, and the winters not too cold. It doesn't rain too often, and snows even less. It is praised as being one of the most comfortable places to spend a summer in the United States.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, there are many famous museums, zoos, and leisure establishments. Military, marine and aviation museums are also abundant. Many tourists from all over America and abroad come to see world-renowned events taking place in San Diego. Presently, the cost of living has become so high within the city, that many residents are migrating to the suburbs. Since there are plenty of Japanese and Asians living in San Diego, there are many stores offering goods from a variety of different cultures.

Recently, car manufacturing companies and their affiliated parts manufacturers from Japan, Europe and Asia have been migrating their factories to Mexico. Positions in production management, quality control, factory management, manufacturing management, HR business, sales engineering, bilingual secretarial work, accounting, and financial operations are on the rise.

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