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About Seattle

Seattle is not only the largest city of the state of Washington but also the largest city of the Northern Pacific region. Though prone to rain year round, the summer sun will often shine through, beautifully illuminating the lush, green forests which give Seattle its nickname: "The Emeral City". World famous well-known companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks established their headquarters in this area.

In the old days, the logging industry was thriving in Seattle, followed by a shift to agricultural, fishery and related trading industries. In addition, several industries such as aerospace manufacturing centered around Boeing, IT/Software and Biotech are on the rise in recent times.

Seattle is the home city to the Seattle Mariners, the team that Ichiro Suzuki was signed to when he first joined the MLB. There was a huge Ichiro sensation that involved naming newborn babies "Ichiro" to "Omsbee" becoming a favorite food item because Ichiro ate it everyday. Currently, the former Tohoku Rakuten player: Hisashi Iwakuma is pitching for and contributing to the Mariners. Partly because of the Japanese presence in Seattle's baseball, the Emerald City is host to many Japanese tourists.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is located about 30 minutes by car or Light Rail from downtown Seattle. It has daily flights to Japan and is considered to be the main US trading gateway to Asia, alongside the Port of Seattle.

The heavy use of Light Rails, Metro, and electric trolleybuses is a testament to the emphasis placed on environmental conservation by the public. There are plans to extend the Light Rail lines in order to shift to non-automobile transit.

Along with Oregon State, the Pacific Northwest regions tend to see many cloudy days year-round. During the wet season, Seattle experiences half its annual level of rainfall from November to January. This has the upside of cleaning the air and keeping the foliage bright and green. Though there are many rainy days, the rain is not too heavy most of the time, so umbrellas aren't seen as a necessity. In Washington State, people commune with nature year round, whether it be hiking the beautiful green mountains in Olympic National Park in the Summer, or enjoying many different sports during the Winter.

The City of Seattle has many well-known ballet and opera companies and symphony orchestras. It is famous as a regional center for performing arts. While the area has the expressive sophisticated liberal image, the life in the area is relatively convenient with excellent public transportation options and availabilities.

Because it is fairly safe with high quality school districts, the area is one of the most popular destinations to live in the US. It has a large established Japanese community as well as Japanese restaurants and markets with fresh fish off the Seattle Port.

There are many Japanese related events such as Bon Odori celebration and an anime convention called Sakura-Con.

Major industries in the Seattle area include agriculture, fishery, and related tradings as well as aerospace related industries. While Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago, it still operates its lagest commercial airline divisions in the area. Seattle area's positions vary in sales, sales support, and customer support for Biotech, Internet, or High-Tech companies.

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