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About Silicon Valley

Sillicon Valley is the generic name for what was originally considered North California, San Francisco and the Bay Area. Since the development of the silicon IC chip in the 1960's, the area adopted the name Silicon Valley.

In more recent times, world-renowned companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Intel set up shop in the area, which lead to the association of Silicon Valley with the idea of technological innovation. Known as a sort of holy land of innovation, most companies that start here are venture start-ups, some of which experience rapid growth.

According to the National Venture Capital Association, the amount invested in venture firms totaled around 4.96 billion U.S. dollars, 2.46 billion of which were invested in Silicon Valley-based firms. This amount is higher than the venture investment seen in thriving communities such as New York, Boston, and Los Angeles by a large margin.

Roughly one third of researchers and engineers in Silicon Valley are immigrants from overseas. One half of the households in the area speak a language other than English. Silicon Valley has one of the highest Asian populations in America, due largely to the number of immigrants from Asian countries.

There are three international airports in the vicinity: San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland Internaional Airports. There are daily direct flights to and from Japan out of San Francisco and San Jose airports. As for public transportation, the Caltrain, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), Light Rail, are all indespensible to commuters. In addition to these, there are bus and ferry systems as well.

Amtrak lines were also established to connect North and South California together.

San Francisco is known for its fog. However in recent years, the effect of global warming has minimized the presence of fog. Due to the humidity, the climate in the San Francisco Bay Area is comparatively low. Though summers are still quite warm, there are still many chilly mornings and nights to be felt year round.

There are numerous Japanese supermarkets, restaurants general stores and shops in the area, in addition to the various Asian markets. In recent years, there are even American supermarkets that carry many Asian ingredients and foodstuffs. Japanese goods and ingredients are consequently easily obtained.

Because there are a large variety of immigrants from many different countries living in the area, one can expect to see many parades and festivals celebrating a diverse montage of cultures.

According to a survey conducted by the Northern California Japan Chamber of Commerce (JCCNC) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), there are 719 Japanese companies opperating in the bay area as of 2014. In addition to the IT field, popular fields currently being expanded by Japanese business interests range from household goods and apparel, food stuffs, beverages, and restaurant franchises.

Popular industries in Silicon Valley and San Francisco are mainly the service, production, whole and retail industries. Because of the amount of Japanese people living in the area, bilingual talent abounds.