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About Tokyo

Tokyo is the capitol of Japan. Though often refered to as a city, Tokyo is in fact considered a "metropolitan prefecture". It is the world's most populous metropolitan area, with an overall 13 million people living there.

The city is lauded for its helpful locals, nightlife, shopping, public transportation and cleanliness. It is also one of the safest cities in the world. It also boasts the largest metropolitan economy in the world, with 51 of the Global 500 companies basing their headquarters out of Tokyo.

Tokyo's rail, ground, and air transportation systems are among the most extensive in Japan. They are famous for being both remarkably clean, and rigidly punctual. There are a variety of buses, monorails and trams to complement the main forms of transportation.

The majority of Tokyo lies in the humid subtropical climate zone. It sees mild rainfalls, with at least one or two snowfalls within the year. Temperatures in the summer can be as high as 39°C, with winter seeing average temperatures around 5°C.

They they are not very strong, typhoons often occur in the surrounding area. Mainnland Kanto (where Tokyo is located) sees roughly 3 typhoons a year.

Tokyo is bustling with history, culture and activity. Many museums dot the city-scape, including zoos and museums of history, art, theater and science. There are venues ranging from amphitheaters to intimate clubs that play host to both Japanese and international bands and music stars.

Major festivals include Sannou, Sanja, and Kanda festivals. Fireworks over the Sumida River during the last Saturday of July is a sight draws in hundreds of thousands of people. People gather at the various parks in the city to view cherry blossoms in the springs.

Tokyo is known internationally for its fine dining, earning twice as many stars from Michelin as its competitor, Paris.

Toky is a major international finance center. It houses some of the largest investment banks and insurance companies in the world. Other large industries include transportation, publishing, electronics and braodcasting.

The Tsukiji Fish Market in central Tokyo is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind.

Not surprisingly, tourism is a also major industry in Tokyo, bringing in .