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About Washington DC

Justitia Omnibus
This is the motto of Washington DC, the capitol of The United States of America. In this age of globalization, there is not a day that goes by without the name of this city gracing the ears of the populace. One gets the impression that this is "The City of Government," but the actual history of how the city came about is not very well known. It is a city with a rich history, exciting sports, and an irresistible charm.

The Origins of the City

Washington DC was built as a "park city." Small parks are interspersed throughout the city, with bench-laden sidewalks winding through statues of great men. The harmony of the green grass and beautiful monuments of chalky white is breathtaking. The Jefferson Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial are all so impressive, even the locals are given to repeated trips to visit them.

The DC area has three airports, a gigantic railway (Union Station), and long-distance buses. The city buses and METRO subway cars are more or less empty, even during the weekday. It is a refreshing change of pace for those who are used to congested city transportation.

With four distinct seasons, it greatly resembles Japan's Spring Summer Fall and Winter. The cherry blossoms in Potomac Park in the spring, the hot and humid summers, the gold-tinged leaves on the trees in fall, and the occasional snowfall of winter are all present.

Perhaps because it is home to the embassies of many nations, you can enjoy the cuisines of many different countries. From Lebanon, to Ethiopia, there is essentially no where else in America where you can sample this kind of eclectic assortment of flavors! The fish just unloaded from the fishing boats in Chesapeake Bay are unrivaled in freshness and taste. The soft-shell crab during the months of April, May and June are to die for.

No one is a stranger to the name: "Smithsonian". The Smithsonian name covers a variety of museums, ranging from art museums to zoos, with 18 in all. Of all of them, the Air and Space Museum, with exhibits like the moon rock and the Apollo space craft, is the most well-known.

Lately, the price of land in DC has been sky-rocketing. Furthermore, traffic in the mornings and evenings is a headache for commuters. Even so, the reason people continue to live and work here can be attributed to the ease and convenience of the city, the fusion of nature and industrial environments, polite people, and the presence of four beautifully distinct seasons. One would be hard-pressed to grow bored with the variety of people, places, and activities around this culturally-rich city.

While fewer than New York or Los Angeles, there are still a number of Japanese supermarkets and restaurants about the city. In recent times, Japanese ramen shops are becoming more popular. There are also Sakura Festivals, New Year and Food Festivals for those who want to enjoy a taste of Japan.

Washington DC is the home to government related industries, especially education, finance, and scientific research, all of which are on the rise. There are roughly 150 Japanese companies including media as well as government industries such as trading companies, manufacturers, aerospace, and nuclear energy. The breakdown of positions that the Washington DC office handles is 70% administrative, 10% research-related, 10% patent-related, and the rest in fields such as energy management, relocation service, and communication technology.